The main objectives of the Research & Personnel Systems Directorate are to:

  • To further develop and maintain a service-wide, comprehensive human resource information system with a view to provide regular, accurate, timely and qualitative information appraisal for optimal planning.

  • To further develop and implement an effective employee development and performance appraisal system.

  • To manage the introduction of modern mechanical and/or electronic systems for the purpose of recording attendance.

  • To assist departments to rationalise the use of staff and review their work systems and methods.

  • To undertake research into and keep abreast with new developments in the field of HR Management Systems and for this purpose build up an adequate library.

  • To organise and maintain necessary fora for Directors (Corporate Services) and Human Resources Managers and to keep them aware of new developments and procedures.

  • To collect data in connection with studies being carried out across the Public Administration by means of surveys, questionnaires, etc.

  • To further develop and maintain the website(s) relative to the People and Standards Division and the Recruitment Portal and ensure that they are continuously up-to-date.