In 1994, the Maltese Public Service introduced a Performance Management Programme for its employees to gradually phase out Performance Rating Reports and replace them by a new appraisal system. Better known as PMP, this was a performance evaluation system in which the performance of employees was assessed against approved output and quality standards. It aimed at better and closer working relationships between supervisors and their employees.

The Performance Management Programme (PMP) was suspended, as from 1st January 2016, in preparation for the introduction of the new system which was in line with Government’s commitment towards the renewal and strengthening of the operational capability of the Public Service, as well as with the continuous development of its HR skills and competences. During this period, the Interim Performance Management Programme Form was to be used as a substitute for PMPs. This document served the same purpose as any PMP document required for the period 1 January to 30 June 2016 (OPM Circular No 23/2015).

As from 1st August, 2016, the new Performance Appraisal System was launched within the Public Service. This new system, which is fully automated and web-based, will allow users to log into the system through their Active Directory Account, i.e. through their ums login and password, and consequently fill-in the details related to their appraisal directly into the system (OPM Circular No 20/2016).

The main objective of this new Performance Appraisal System is the holistic assessment of the individual as part of the overall Public Service Performance Management Programme. It is also a tool aimed at enhancing accountability and job satisfaction, whilst giving visibility on training and development needs. This will not only create an environment of motivation with an eagerness for higher achievement, but also helps to identify and develop future leaders.

This system is intended for those employees who were eligible for the previous Performance Management System (PMP).

A help line on telephone number 2200 1051 and generic e-mail: [email protected] have been set up within the Research & Personnel Systems Directorate, People and Standards Division, to assist any users, supervisors or next-level supervisors on any related queries which they might have.

Performance Appraisal Manuals Downloads

To download the PA-APPRAISEE-V4 Manual, please click here (last updated 10/04/2019)
To download the PA-APPRAISER-V4 Manual, please click here (last updated 10/04/2019)
To download the PA-Confirming Appraiser-V4 Manual, please click here​​​ (last updated 10/04/2019)