Ten Determinants of Service Quality

1. RELIABILITY: consistency of performance and dependability, accuracy in billing, keeping records correctly, performing the service right at the designated time.

2. RESPONSIVENESS: willingness or readiness of employees to provide service, timeliness of service such as mailing a transaction slip immediately, calling the customer back quickly, giving prompt service.

3. COMPETENCE: possession of the required skills and knowledge to perform the service, knowledge and skill of the contact and support personnel, research capability of the organization.

4. ACCESS: approachability and ease of contact, the service is easily accessible by telephone, waiting time to receive service is not extensive, convenient hours of operation, convenient location of service facility.

5. COURTESY: politeness, respect, consideration, friendliness of contact personnel, consideration for the consumer's property, clean and neat appearance of public contact personnel.

6. COMMUNICATION: keeping customers informed in language they can understand and listening to them, explaining the service itself and its cost, assuring the consumer that a problem will be handled.

7. CREDIBILITY: trustworthiness, believability, honesty, company reputation, having the customer's best interests at heart, personal characteristics of the contact personnel.

8. SECURITY: freedom from danger, risk, or doubt, physical safety, financial security, confidentiality.

9. UNDERSTANDING/KNOWING THE CUSTOMER: understanding customer needs, learning the customer's specific requirements, providing individualized attention, recognizing the regular customer.

10. TANGIBLES: physical evidence and representations of the service, other customers in service facility.