People Resourcing and Compliance Directorate

The People Resourcing and Compliance Directorate, within the People and Standards Division (P&SD), is responsible for establishing regulations, policies, guidelines and procedures in the fields of recruitment, selection, appointment, transfer, promotion and progression within the Public Administration. This role is carried out on behalf of the Principal Permanent Secretary and, where applicable, in consultation with the Public Service Commission and in line with pertinent legislation.

The Directorate played a central role in the formulation of more streamlined and delegated processes as contemplated in the Public Administration Act, leading to the issue of Directive 7, which came into force on 27 January 2014, and Directives 10 and 9, which both came into force on 1st February 2016. Directive 7 delegated the recruitment process within entities of the Public Sector. Directives 10 and 9 delegated to line Ministries the process of HR Planning and of Public Service selection and appointment following competition, so that Ministries are no longer obliged to seek the approval of the central authorities before each and every stage of the process.

Furthermore, as from 1st April 2016, the Directorate delegated other Public Service processes, hitherto carried out centrally, concerning progressions, promotions arising from the provisions of Sectoral Agreements (both of General Service as well as Departmental Grades), award of indefinite status in terms of pertinent legislation, appointment through a direct recommendation and renewals thereof.

The Directorate is composed of two units – Compliance and Operations – as explained hereunder.



The Compliance Unit’s main responsibility is for the monitoring and implementation of initiatives and new policies. The Unit focuses on HR planning in terms of the provisions of Directive 10. It carries out a monitoring and auditing role, with respect to Ministries and Departments of the Public Service and entities of the Public Sector, to ensure, where and as applicable, compliance with the provisions of the Manual on the Selection and Appointment Process under Delegated Authority (annexed to Directive 9), the Manual for Public Sector Entities – Delegation of Recruitment Approval (annexed to Directive 7), the Manual on Resourcing Policies and Procedures and the Manual concerning Assistant Director and Managerial positions. The Unit provides guidance to Public Entities to adhere with the provisions established by Directive 7, complementary to the auditing role referred to above. The Unit also retains records of Public Service calls for posts and positions issued and details of created positions and carries out random monitoring of the content of published calls. The Unit organises and provides training in the areas related to its remit, according to exigencies.



The Operational Unit focuses on non-delegated day-to-day procedures which are performed at central level.

Within the Public Service sphere, the Unit is directly responsible for the recruitment of officers in the General Service Class (clerical, executive and middle management grades), the Messengerial Class and other posts/positions which are filled across the Service, and for the deployment of such officers within Ministries and line Departments. The Unit processes requests for extensions of service; non-delegated transfers/detailing/deployment; transfers of Gozo-domiciled officers; tenure of officers in Secretariats/Ambassadors/Directorships with entities; non-delegated acting appointments; Ministry secretariat contracts and re-employment, re-instatement, re-integration and temporary employment on parole.

Within the wider Public Sector sphere, the Unit facilitates and processes the secondment of public employees from Public Sector Entities to the Public Service and the re-deployment of public employees amongst Entities, in terms of article 15A of the Employment and Training Services Act, according to the exigencies of the Public Administration.