The Institute for the Public Services offers sponsorships on behalf of the Government of Malta to public officers with a view to helping them to continue their formal education, gain tertiary-level qualifications and develop their careers. Sponsored courses vary from diploma courses to master’s degree programmes and are offered primarily by the Institute’s partner organisations, namely the University of Malta and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST).

Course subjects vary from year to year although some courses feature regularly, notably the BA (Hons) Public Administration and the MBA (Public Management) offered by the University of Malta, and the BA (Hons) Public Projects offered by MCAST. These courses have been designed to meet the requirements of the Public Service, and indeed MCAST’s BA (Hons) Public Projects is offered exclusively to public officers and public sector employees who apply through the Institute for Public Services.

Sponsorships are normally advertised through OPM circulars in the months of July and August. The circulars provide instructions on how to apply for sponsorships.

The number of sponsorships for each course will depend on the funds available. If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of places available, a selection process would be held. Sponsorships may include paid study leave or part-payment of course fees or both, depending on the course. Prior to the commencement of their studies, selected officers would be required to enter into a binding commitment to serve the Government for a specific period as defined by the Manual on Staff Development in Public Administration (Appendix III) after the completion of their studies.

Scholarships are offered by the Public Service to its staff in the knowledge that staff are any organisation’s most important asset, and in keeping with the concept of lifelong learning and the development of a learning culture.