The first Key Performance Indicators for the Public Service shall be announced next month. The news was given by the Principal Permanent Secretary, Mario Cutajar, in an address to the EUPAN Working Level meeting, held under the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The concept of KPIs was introduced in the Public Service last June, through a pilot project which saw a drastic reduction in the time it took for a new business to be set up in Malta. Other Public Service sectors will now have their own KPIs, so that bureaucracy is lessened and service improved. There will be better coordination among departments, clear goals and specific deadlines.Mr Mario Cutajar announcing the first KPIs

Mr Cutajar spoke of how, during the past four years, a programme of Public Service renewal had made the Service more efficient and capable of meeting the aspirations of both users and deliverers of services. He listed several initiatives taken.

These include: 

  • ​IDEA, through which an electronic mechanism was put in place to enable Public Service employees to make suggestions directly to the Office of the Prime Minister.
  • ​​Directive 8, addressing a main aim of the Public Service renewal programme to bring about more timely decision-making through simplified and more user-friendly processes.
  • ​Two directives relating to the planning and recruitment of human resources and operational requirements.
  • ​The setting up of five community hubs, the grouping of all government services in one online portal, and the launch of 21 mobile apps for these services.
  • ​The annual publication on the implementation of Budgetary measures and simplification processes to increase efficiency.
  • The annual publication of the Public Service’s reaction to the National Audit Office’s annual report.

Mr Cutajar said that fruitful discussions in fora such as the EUPAN meeting should not be left behind. He suggested that a list of potential implementable measures be published after each Presidency for future Presidencies to work towards making them happen.​