Businesses that are found to have a high standard of compliance with the legislative regulations are awarded the certificate “High Standard of Compliance”.



To be eligible for the certificate, a business operator must be regulated and inspected by one or more inspectorates listed in the Schedule in Cap. 568 of the Laws of Malta.

The rolling out of this initiative has started with businesses which sell household appliances. More business types will be considered in due course. 


List of establishments that were awarded the High Standard of Compliance certificate

Electronic Stores

  • Computer Bargains
  • Depot 230
  • Direct Vision
  • Fabian Enterprises Ltd
  • Flutisat
  • Intercomp Marketing Ltd - Mosta
  • Intercomp Marketing Ltd - Qormi
  • James Tabone Limited - Pulptech
  • MF Electrix
  • Micro Data Technology (MDT)
  • PC Options LTD - Scan
  • PC-Malta
  • Tabone Computer Centre Ltd
Detergent Shops

  • Ta’ Ganza Cash & Carry

Industrial Equipment establishments

  • R. Grech & Son Ltd

Household Appliances establishments

  • Freddie's Household Co Ltd
  • Homezone
  • Divine Appliances
  • Homemate
  • The Atrium
  • Frank Borda Limited - Gala Centre - Ħamrun
  • World Marketing
  • Vitel
  • ISD - Company Limited
  • Crosscraft Co. Ltd - Mosta
  • Crosscraft Co. Ltd - Ħal Qormi
  • Oxford House Ltd
  • Michael's Homemark
  • Cutajar Ltd - Ultimate - San Ġwann
  • SBL Limited - BBQ World Malta​

Certificates are issued by the Inspections Coordination Office which was set up in 2017 under Cap. 568, the Coordination of Government Inspections Act. It coordinates inspections by government bodies with a view to reducing the burden on businesses and making inspections more transparent and effective.

Since the setting up of this office five years ago, intensive work has been performed to create a system whereby one inspection of an establishment results in the collection of all the information required. Every entity will then recieve the information which is relevant to its requirements. This information is analysed and appropriate action is taken by the respective entities. In this way, whilst the number of routine onsite inspections is reduced, the necessary controls for the peace of mind of the consumer are not lost. This approach saves precious time both for the entities involved and for the business operators.

Any queries may be addressed to this Office on inspectionscoordination.opm@gov


High Standard of Compliance Certificate for Businesses 82% less inspections in shops Photos: 82% less inspections in shops
Press Release: 82% less inspections in shops